Product videos

A simple application for a high quality result is always one of the key goals of our product development at KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG. Watch in the following videos how easily very difficult waterproofing problems can be solved using KÖSTER products:


Crack injection Stop water and seal cracks elastically with only one material (KÖSTER 2 IN 1)

Installation of a horizontal barrier With KÖSTER Crisin 76 Concentrate and the KÖSTER Suction Angle System

Application: Restoration of masonry with KÖSTER Restoration Plaster

Restoration Plaster Properties KÖSTER Restoration Plaster 2 White

Installation: Negative side waterproofing with KÖSTER NB 1 Grey

Stopping active water leakages KÖSTER KD 2 Blitz powder

Application: KÖSTER KD System step by step application

Sealing pipe & cable penetrations with KÖSTER KB-Flex 200

KÖSTER Sewer and Shaft Mortar Restoration of sewers and shafts even under flowing water

Roof Waterproofing with heat reflecting properties with KÖSTER 21

KÖSTER Peristaltic Pump Demonstration video

Siloxan - water-repellent façades

Waterproofing of water tanks - KÖSTER TPO Aqua membrane

Waterproofing without excavation - KÖSTER Injection Gel G4

Waterproofing Joints - KÖSTER Joint Tape


Application: Moisture Vapor Control Systems Installation procedure of KÖSTER VAP 2000 FS

KÖSTER American Corporation CNN Company protrait on Business Day with Terry Bradshaw

Flexible self-leveling underlayment For the repair of wooden and asphalt floors

Hygienic protective coating for the food industry KÖSTER UC 100 - Installation Video

Hand welding the KÖSTER TPO membrane

Mechanical fastening of the KÖSTER TPO membrane

Strip adhesion of KÖSTER TPO F membranes

Vertical TPO application with KÖSTER Contact Adhesive

Wall connections with KÖSTER TPO Composite Metal Sheet




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